Harvest of Spanish garlic is done during June and July. Supply of garlic, however, goes on a year round and that demands an important storage capacity. We can supply White garlic, a popular variety, with fewer bulbs than the Morado, and with a milder taste; we also have the Springs varieties: White (with large bulbs and the first to be harvested) and Violet (with similar characteristics but with different shades).

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Spanish onions are very distinct in their flavour because the climate produces a slightly sweeter and more delicate onion that makes them special. Besides, the Spanish onions are known above all for their large sizes. The product is available all year round, depending on the variety. From La Mancha we get Grano de oro, Red onion and White onion. The low level of acid and high sugar level of sweet red onion variety, make this onion very special.

Being the major export article in the region of Valencia, it is just common sense that we have our own growers of Valencian citrus. The Mediterranean climate makes the area ideal for the growing of citrus and we can provide oranges, clementines, grapefruit and lemons from September to July. Chronological order: Navelina, Navel, Navel Power, Lane Late- Navel Late, Sanguina- Sanguinelli and Valencia Late. “Valencia Late” is one of the most delicious orange varieties, particularly tasty, and the clementines of the area are world famous as well, in particular the variety Clemenules that originated in the region of Castellón.

Chronological order: Marisol (varias variedades), Satsuma, Clemenules and Hernandina. Finaly Hortanique and Nadorcot. We further specialize in clementines with leaves, but of course we can pack the full range of citrus to the speciafications of the client.

Our Spanish lemons are well known for the high level of juice compared to those from other origins, and we can supply them almost all year round.

The taste, texture and color of the flesh is something of a cross between a Golden Delicius apple, a peach and a mango. It is a nutritius fruit, high in vitamne C and levels of vitamine A, which is important for fetal developement and children’s growth. It is also rich in anti-oxidants, which helps to reduce the risk of degenerative diseases, and in fiber and pectin, which can reduce colesterol levels. In 1998, the “Kaki Ribera del Xúquer” was given Designation of Origin (D.O.) status by the Spanish government. Such status guaratees the quality and geographic origin of the product, as each D.O. label is controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture. A new variety appeared in Valencia in the mid-20th century – the “Rojo Brillante”-, that nowadays represents 98% of the kaki grown in Spain. On top of that, the Carmen brand is probably one of the best on the market, extra carefully selected and packed. The fruit is available from October to February.

Sybaris Market offers strawberry from Huelva. The most productive months are without a doubt, March and April. Spain is the major export of STRAWBERRY in the world, comming from Huelva almost the 95% of the its volume (around 300,000 tones). The BLUEBERRY harvest starts in December, but it’s in March when the volume became really important and continue until the first days of June, when it begins in Germany, Belgium and Holland, among others. RASPBERRY: Spain produces raspberry all year round, but from November until May there is just one place you can find them: Huelva. The variety we usually offer is Adelita. BLACKBERRY can be provided all year round except summer months In general, Sybaris can make any kind of packing the customer could need.

There is a large production in Southern Spain where we can find a subtropic climate in the areas of Málaga and Granada. From this origin, Sybaris Market can supply: mango, avocado, medlar, chirimoya, kaki and even Spanish guava. As an example, chirimoya and advocado are harvested from September to May, and te medlar from Callosa (first stonefruit of the season) gets available around April. It is also from Málaga that we can get herbs such as dill, parsley, thyme, mint, rosemary, etc.

To be able to supply the full Spanish portfolio of fresh produce that our clients demand, we have worked closely with selected warehouses in Almeria and Murcia through years. In this way, we are able to supply vegetables from Spain when all Europe is out of local production, and demand fresh fruit and vegetables. We are able to supply all kind of vegetables such as tomatoes, pepper, cucumbers, squash, eggplants, aubergines, beans, lettuces, broccoli and cauliflower.

La chufa es un superalimento muy rico en Hierro, Fibra y Potasio. Sybaris Market dispone de este producto, con origen en la huerta de Valencia, presentado en distintos formatos y calibres.