SYBARIS MARKET has been contributing to Spanish growth and development for years, being an economic and social impulse for our land, and offering the best products around the world, always guaranteeing:

Loyalty and trust.
Food quality.
Centralized management.
100% made in Spain.

Garlic from Las Pedroñeras,
the best garlic in the world.

GARLIC is one of our main products. Our garlic is grown in Las Pedroñeras, the highest quality site of Spanish garlic, where our fields and warehouse are established.

The varieties of garlic that we get all year round are white spring, violet spring white and purple garlic, all of them with a very high quality, available in different sizes, categories and packaging such as cardboard box, bag and mesh. Our brand is GROWN IN SPAIN for top quality products.

We also work with other related products: peeled garlic, black garlic, garlic strips or garlic paste.

Calibration is performed depending on the diameter of the garlic head, and it’s different for spring garlic and for purple garlic due to the notable differences in head shape and size.

  • Violet / White Spring Garlic
  • Elefante | > 68 mm
  • Yumbo | 62-88 mm
  • Extra Flor | 55-62 mm
  • Super Flor | 50-55 mm
  • Flor | 45-50 mm
  • Primera | 37-45 mm
  • Industrial | All sizes
  • Purple garlic
  • Extra Flor | 55-60 mm
  • Super Flor | 50-55 mm
  • Flor | 45-50 mm
  • Primera A | 41-45 mm
  • Primera B | 37-41 mm
  • Segunda | < 37 mm
  • Industrial | All sizes
I.G.P. del Ajo Morado
de las Pedroñeras


Our experience as a company guarantees an excellent harvest for the final customer to enjoy the best flavours. Our onions are produced and packaged exclusively in Spain.

We have different varieties:
Spring Onion
Half Grain Onion
Grain Onion
Purple Onion
White Onion

  • Sizes
  • Size 1 | > 115 mm
  • Size 2 | 100-115 mm
  • Size 3 | 85-100 mm
  • Size 4 | 70-90 mm
  • Size 4A | 70-80 mm
  • Size 4B | 80-90 mm
  • Size 5 | 55-75 mm
  • Size 6 | 45-60 mm
  • Size 7 | 30-45 mm


Citrus fruits are very healthy, especially during the winter, due to their high levels of Vitamin C, and therefore we recommend their daily consumption in the coldest times of the year.


SYBARIS MARKET was born as an export company of fruits and vegetables. From the beginning we have increased our sales volume and therefore the participation in the international market.

Our leading products are garlic and onion, configurable in different presentations, according to the needs of the customer.


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